Recording at Curb Records!

February 9, 2015

Hey guys! Some pretty cool things have been happening these past couple months. I’ve been working on my EP with Paul Sikes, and we finally got the vocals finished last Monday! We went to Curb Records to do the vocals, and it was such a cool experience. I loved working with Craig and Paul! It was also pretty awesome being in the same place where Tim McGraw and Lee Brice have recorded. Let’s just say… I totally freaked out. I am so excited for y’all to get to hear the EP! 🙂 Also I’m going to be at Opryland Hotel this weekend for the NWTF Convention. I’ll be singing at a couple of the booths there, so if you’re going to be there this weekend, come over and say hi! Thanks guys!!

Recording at Curb Records was amazing!!!

Recording at Curb Records was amazing!!!

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