HunterGirl is a country singer/songwriter originally from Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee.
She began performing in her grandfather’s church at age three, and started writing songs
at age nine. At the age of eleven, she moved with her family to Winchester, Tennessee and started performing at her local church and competing in various singing competitions.  In her early teens, she started performing at venues across the United States, and won the 2014 Texaco Country Showdown at age fifteen. After graduating high school, she moved to Nashville and immediately started playing her signature Ovation guitar at gigs in downtown venues such as Tootsie’s, Rippy’s, Crazy Town, Jason Aldean’s Bar, The Listening Room, and HonkyTonk Central, while also earning her college degree at Middle TN State University’s Music Business School.

Also while in college, HunterGirl won several songwriting contests including “Nash Next” and the
prestigious Nashville Songwriter Association International two years in a row, opening at the Kansas Country Stampede and other music events for notable performers including Old Dominion, Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Charlie Daniels, and Sara Evans.

HunterGirl comes from a long tradition of military service and has a deep respect for our veterans.  She currently works with many veteran organizations such as Freedom Sings USA, Operation Song, Middle Tennessee State University, Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veteran Center, and Soldier’s Child. She works with these music therapy organizations to help transform veterans stories into songs.

With all her accomplishments and having just turned twenty-three, HunterGirl is
on track to be the next big female artist from Music City. Her talent, tenacity, and heart of
gold, make her a good bet to deliver hit songs for years to come. Check her out on all
social media @HunterGirlMusic.


  1. Heard you and your band for the first time tonight. Loved it, you have an awesome talent.

  2. Winchester Wriggle will be a very unique opportunity to hear some raw Hunter. See her at ‘the frame shop’ (Kathy Bennett, photographer) Friday night.

  3. Heard you the first time at Winchester Wriggle. Awesome job! You are going to be big! Next… the Voice or America’s got Talent!

  4. Us Yankees from Minnesota enjoyed meeting you in line at The Bluebird Cafe last night. We’re glad you made the draw and your performance was awesome! Hope to see [or at least hear] you again someday!

  5. HunterGirl, This is Bumper, you have come a long way since the first time I heard you sing. You were about 3 or 4 years old at Swiss School. It was a benefit, but I can’t remember who it was for. You were not in with the band, but you put on a show sitting on a table. You have had music in your heart since you were born. You are an extraordinary talent. Later in your years, I watched you start playing instruments. You really impressed me how quick you learned to play. You learned more in 10 months, than I have in 10 years. You have it going on for you now and we, Dino – Al Harvey & I are with you all the way. CONGRATULATIONS

  6. Loved the performance tonight at. Tims Ford. Marina !! You have an amazing
    Distinctive Voice- Shine On! See you. Labor. Day!!

  7. Awesome job at country stampede in manhattan ks! Keep it up look forward to hearing you on the radio more.

  8. Huntergirl! You were so awesome at Jason Aldean’s yesterday (9-1-19)! My husband was so grateful of the picture his friend took of you two! Thank you for doing that for him! That made his whole night! We are huge fans of yours! Good luck to you!

  9. Hunter girl!! Hubby and I loved your performance @ Jason Aldeans … My husband had a pic taken with you 😍

  10. Just happened to watch Americal Idol and got to see your audition. I’ve been 6 for 6 in chosing who I figured would win. First night watching of the season and unless someone can top your voice and professionalism (which I doubt)… I’ve got you picked for our new American Idol. You got this Hunter Girl!

  11. I hope you win Idole I love your voice you are very pretty too … I wish I could have an autograph tho keep teh good work up and become a big star .

  12. heard you on American Idol and absolutely love your voice and music!!!

  13. Just saw you on American Idol this morning, with tears in my eyes I know that even if you don’t win the competition, you will be a huge HUGE country star. Your voice is absolutely KILLER!

  14. I will be rooting for you on Idol! Love your voice!

  15. My wife and I said you were going to be in the finals this year after your audition, and we have done this since Idol season 1. You are an extraordinary talent and personality, and the world is your oyster my friend, keep on keepin on!

  16. you’re going to be one of the greatest country singers definitely one day, you got a great voice.

  17. You are a terrestrial angel.

  18. U have an absolutely great voice, Good Luck!!

  19. watching you right now on TOP14 Am Idol…. you did a GREAT job – everyone here in Western NC pulling for you !!

  20. I am following you on American idol , girl you are awesome … are my favorite on the show and I wish you the very best !!!

  21. I am also following you on Idol. You have the best voice, and I love how your songs have a story to them. I think that is one of the best features of country music. Just heard the “Baby Girl” performance, and you crushed it! You are such an incredible singer! But, what really gets to me is the way you reach the hearts of your audience. You are so genuine and a real American treasure. Keep up the great work!

  22. We have family nights where we watch idol. We really enjoy listening to your music! We are pulling for you to win this thing!! My boys who are 11 and 9 said dad she is a good person also… They just determined that on their own which is awesome! That along with your vocal talent is going to take you to the top! Thanks for making our Idol evenings fun!!!! Justin from NC

  23. We have been watching you on Idol and we have enjoyed seeing you transform into a country superstar right before our eyes. We wish you the best and always stay close to your roots, and listen closely to your heart and where God leads you. Enjoy the ride!

  24. You have one of the best country voices I’ve ever heard. It so much reminds me of the late awesome Nanci Griffith. Rooting for you!

  25. So just got done uploading One Day (all songs) and We Are Not In Kansas Anymore on ITunes – every song is a hit, omg lady – you are a Superstar already. PLEASE PLEASE do a show in the Toronto, Canada area a sometime please please!

    • Thank you so much!! I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Toronto one day! That would be great!! And thank you for uploading my music. Hope you enjoy!

      • enjoy, LOL u r funny too – u r perfection vocally i mean seriously lady om_g and i will be the loud old guy in the Toronto audience lol

  26. I’m from Winchester and just herd you sing for the first time today. It gave me chills. You are as good as they say and I wish you all the best. Also I want you to know that YOU make Winchester proud. Keep doing what you do, you have a good heart and GREAT voice. Look forward to hearing more.

  27. OMG lady – just watched your Disney Night performance – ah, one word STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome so your Superstar life. Ah and remember – need to do a Toronto area concert or 100 🙂

  28. Good luck tonight!! Idol family night for our family starts at 8! The boys are so excited!! We are watching and pulling for you!!!#huntergirlgoat

    Justin from NC

  29. Oh My, well now you are starting to surprise me, I mean how can it keep getting better when each performance has been crazy good so far – AND then you do ‘Like My Mother Does’ it seriously was an award winning worthy performance. Congrats on the top-5 but if people are really listening get ready to win. Thanks Superstar Lady!

  30. Huntergirl oh stunning one – I know your songs are probably set BUT if you sing ‘One Day’ in the finally it will be over. Seriously one of the best songs I have heard in ages – PERIOD. So called big names in country music are currently shaking – as like me they know you are about to take country music by storm. Country music needs you so bad to refresh the current standard.

  31. I think you will win I will be excited to watch it on sunday.

  32. I’m impressed with all of your accomplishments, but most of all the you love an are working with our veterans… I’m a retired military wife, an I know the sacrifices they make as well as the families. God bless you an your family.

  33. b4 the results are in after what you did tonight – I will say it once again – one of the BEST VOICES IN DECADES win or lose you are a complete SUPERSTAR beautiful lady – OMG!!!!!!!!

  34. Understand beautiful lady – more young girls vote so – well you get it – but absolutely know doubt – you will have a massive career staggeringly bigger than his – lady you are a SUPERSTAR – sorry but the American voting process is seriously flawed. You were leap years the best voice this season!!!!!

  35. Beautiful voice and soul. Amazing songwriter. So happy you got this platform to showcase your talent for the world to hear. I’ve already downloaded ALL your songs. Can’t wait to see you concert. Congrats on sticking with your dream all these years, and for your great American Idol journey. Go Hunter Girl, go! Peace and love

  36. Congratulations! You can tell you have a heart of gold – and on top of it the voice of an angel. Best wishes on your amazing career ahead of you!

  37. I absolutely fell in love with your voice. Only seeing you on tv I wish I could see you live you are a beautiful person and you have been blessed

  38. Undoubtedly the winner in my books. Beautiful voice and soul, amazing song writer. There are SO SO many artists in country music who work hard and never get to realize their dreams of singing for a living because it’s so hard to break through. You are no different than Noah in that regards except that you actually believed in yourself and worked at it. Be proud of your hard work and tenacity. You are smart and so talented. Can’t wait to see where you go! Looking forward to a concert tour!

  39. I absolutely love your music!!!! Redbird is my fave!!!! I hope to see you in concert someday!! Keep on singing!!!! 🙂

  40. The moment I saw your initial audition, I said “She’s going to the finale!”. You definitely deserved first place, but who cares at this point. You’re a star already. Your God given talent and the way songs flow out of you so beautifully, Carrie, Gabby, Kelly, Miranda, et al, better watch out. You’re going to be the biggest country western star EVER!! PLEASE DO A CONCERT WITH RASCAL FLATTS! I would pay for that in a heartbeat!! Congratulations and keep on going “Hunter Girl”!

  41. You are awesome can’t wait to hear you on radio

  42. Love your music and your heart!
    May all your dreams come true.

  43. Hey there Hunter! I really hope you see my comment. First of all, Congrats on such a successful run on AI ! You are an amazing human being and I know you are going to do great things. So, Sunday(the 22nd) was my birthday. It was one of the first without my daddy, so I was feeling a little down. When I lost him, not only did I lose one of my most favorite people, but I lost my song. Im a singer but haven’t done much since he passed.He was my biggest fan. Anyway, I tuned in Sunday night, and your song Red Bird came on, and I completely lost it, in the best possible way. You see, Cardinals are his “sign” to me. God used your song to completely turn my day around, and it was probably one of the best gifts I could have possibly ever received. Ive never emotionally connected with a song like that before. Its going to help me(and so many others) heal and give me the courage to start singing again. THANK YOU soo very much……….
    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY =) I hope you are getting to rest a little. I wish i could give you a big hug!

    • Thank you so much Rachel, and I’m sorry to hear about your daddy. I am so happy that Redbird helped you and it’s a song that means a lot to me as well! I didn’t realize how many people would relate to that song and that story! God Bless you, and thank you for supporting me along the way.

  44. Impressive musician, you will go far! I downloaded your new single, Redbird, love it! Congratulations on your Idol success!

  45. You WERE the American Idol winner in my opinion! Absolutely LOVED your voice! Keep it up!

  46. I recorded american idol, just so I could replay you singing, you were our favorite, , keep up the good work ! I also loves your out fits and especially like the last one with the jean jacket and gold detail, it seemed to be your color, since your so much like a golden angel … And you singing the red bird song! I came across a vintage necklace with a red winged flying bird! And it’s a sign for sure ! You are heard and loved by everyone.. You are an original I hope your dreams take you where you wt to go..( plus you were the one I kept watching American Idol , I was disappointed when Noah , won, but you were so gracious , telling him you were so proud of him, the public May have picked Noah in Support of his small baby boy, .. And everyone loves a boy crush , .. God has bigger plans for you, and possibly you have more freedom, by going your way.. So don’t think you lost, you gained recognition and hoes and dreams from others for you .. Hunter girl .. Love you take care

  47. I’ve listened to all of your music and watched your incredible journey on American Idol! You are so amazing!

  48. HEY SUPESTAR – SOOOOOOOOOOOO how long till you bring that stunning voice to the Toronto, ON Canada area – u are seriously one of my favorite voices ever – and i am old and a you tube search for amazing voices junky – and u are seriously AWESOME!!

  49. oh and i will say it again – your originals are CRAZY good – BUTTTTTTTTT – ‘ONE DAY’ is seriously one of the best songs I have ever heard – burning out my car speakers listening to it – reeeeaaaallllll loud – what a song – and one that anyone who found their sole mate can relate to in spades!!!!!!!! God bless you oh stunning one!

  50. anyone reading my comments – if not done already – please please please go listen to Hunterperfection sing One Day at ‘The Listening Room Cafe’ and then if u had not seen/listened b4 tell me I am wrong saying it is arguably one of the best songs/vocals EVER – tell me I am wrong!

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