“Proud of this girl!! This song was one she wrote all by herself. It shows how long a way she has come since she arrived in Nashville a few years ago. THE NEXT BIG SUPERSTAR!! Love you kiddo. ” – Don Goodman, writer of the hit song Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton and Angels Among Us by Alabama

“Hunter has a unique style of writing, which showcases her storytelling abilities. You can see her perform around Nashville at all the writers rounds and on Broadway! Her debut single “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” is available on all platforms. Hope y’all enjoy!” – RaisedRowdy

“What if you could click your red boots three times and rewind back to that night? Where a bad boy cowboy roped you in then waltzed right out of your life? For many of us there are moments in time we would love to go back to, even if just for a few minutes. This fantasy is written out in HunterGirl’s new single, “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.” It only took a car ride back to Nashville from Kansas to write out the magic she experienced that weekend at the Country Stampede. Three minutes and 32 seconds is all it takes to tell a story that so many of us can relate to and daydream about in our own car ride.” – FarmGirlWithCurlsBlog

“Hunter Girl’s song “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” takes the listener right into the heart of a young girl in love. And she seamlessly wraps a story of a passionate but short love into the imagery of a being swept up in a Mid-West tornado. I like this song because the lyrics all point back to the original emotion and you want to keep listening to find out what she felt like. All the pieces of craft, story, and performance fit together just right to make this song timeless and, most importantly, honest.” – Scott Joyce Producer of HunterGirl and pianist for country music star Tracy Lawrence

“While most of us sing in the shower with a crowd of only ourselves, Hunter “HunterGirl” Wolkonowski, a senior Recording Industry major, played a crowd of over 30,000 at the Country Stampede festival in Manhattan, Kansas.” – MTSUNEWS

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